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Top 5 Best Guns Of Season 3(2021) In COD Mobile | N4G- best guns in cod mobile 2021 ,Call of Duty Mobile is a very fast-paced mobile game, and every season, there are various nerfs and buffs for weapons in the game. The current Season 3 (2021) is very fascinating, as there is so much new content in the game. Today we are here with the Top 5 Best Guns Of Season 3 (2021) In COD Mobile. Android Call of Duty mobile iPad iPhone ...12 Best Guns in CoD Mobile - Call of Duty Best Guns List19/1/2020· Best Sniper Rifles in CoD Mobile Do you love to take long-range fights in CoD mobile? Then you might like sniper rifles for the match. M21 Ebr and DL-Q33 are the best sniper rifles in CoD mobile. 1) M21 EBR (Unlocks at level 29)

5 best AR guns in COD Mobile 2021 - Sportskeeda

9/1/2021· DR-H is one of the most stable and consistent guns in COD Mobile. It offers great damage and accuracy during close to medium-range combat. The AR is also known for its ease of use and relatively...

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Top 5 Best Guns Of Season 3(2021) In COD Mobile

4/5/2021· DR-H is one of the best weapons in the game which many players love to use. It is a 3 shot Assault Rifle, which has very low recoil. The ADS Speed is very fast and is known as one of the best versatile weapons in the game. It is best for close and medium-range fights. Here is the COD Mobile DR-H Best Gunsmith Loadout. 4.

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5 Best Guns for Beginners in Call of Duty Mobile - PCQuest

12/2/2021· Finding a pearl out of the sea of guns can be really difficult. There are a number of guns in Call of Duty mobile. Some are just better for beginners. Since its first appearance on the gaming scene, Call of Duty mobile has been a very popular game. Rightly so, it ...

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Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 2 Tier List - zilliongamer

The best sniper rifle in COD Mobile Season 2 is the DL Q33, the gun can hit up to 80 damage with the accuracy of 62. The prime range of DL Q33 are from mid to long range. It is lethal when hitting the upper body area and shooting at the enemy behind cover (Wallbang). Best DL Q33 Loadout.

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